A new collection of Pixar Flash online games

In addition to the rapidly expanding FlashyOnlineGames.com site (which you can read about in one of my posts last month), there are also now lots of great new games in the LightningCarsGames.com site.

Here are some of the best of those games for you to play right here in this blog:

Cars: Lightning McQueen Desert Dash

Cars: Radiator Springs Racing

Cars: Lightning McQueen Tractor Tipping

Cars: Doc Hudson’s Time Trial

Cars: Mater to the Rescue

Cars: Luigi’s Casa Della Tires

Cars: Ramone’s Coloring Book

Toy Story: Woody’s Big Escape

A Bugs Life: A Bugs Land

Monsters Inc,: Monster Melee

Finding Nemo: Crush’s Summer Holiday

The Incredibles: Save the Day

Ratatouille: Choppity Chop

WALL-E Pinball

Up: Sky Glider

(See also here)

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Friday the 13th!

Today is Friday the 13th of September, 2013. So, the very best of luck to everybody!

I don’t actually believe in superstitious things such as the Friday the 13th “bad luck” belief, but I do rather like the horror movie series based on the day.

And on that note, here are some excellent free zombie and other horror-related online games you might like to play today (or any other day for that matter):

  The Last Stand

  Boxhead: The Rooms

  Boxhead: More Rooms

  Megaman vs. Ghosts ‘n Goblins

  Skull Kid

  Nuclear Eagle

(See also here)

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No Suarez for Arsenal, but Ozil will do nicely instead!

Following on from my post in July about Arsenal bidding for Liverpool striker Luis Suarez (which didn’t work out, sadly), Arsenal did in fact finally spend some very big money on a true superstar, the totally awesome Mesut Ozil, in the final hour of Transfer Deadline Day.

Check out these two online newspaper articles for full details of the transfer:

The Guardian – Mesut Ozil can breathe new life into Arsenal’s Emirates era

The Telegraph – Arsenal and United land Mesut Ozil and Marouane Fellaini late on transfer deadline day

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More Mario and Sonic Flash games

Calling all Mario and Sonic fans: FlashyOnlineGames.com has two sister sites, MarioWebGames.com and SonicWebGames.com, and here is a three-part list of the best games in those sites:

Mario and Sonic game recommendations part 1

Mario and Sonic game recommendations part 2

Mario and Sonic game recommendations part 3

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The Arsenal and Luis Suarez transfer saga rumbles on

Being a life-long Arsenal fan, as I am, has never been easy, but it has also never been boring. And it is currently more interesting than ever, now that the club is finally able to compete financially with all the other top clubs for big-name transfers.

So far this summer Arsenal have been linked with the possible signings of a host of superstars, such as Real Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuain, Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney and my favourite, Liverpool’s Luis Suarez. So far though, no such signings have actually happened (as is usual for Arsenal).

However, while looking through the latest Arsenal transfer rumours just now, I spotted this little gem that seems to be from a reliable source, claiming that Arsenal have now lodged a £40 million + £1 bid for Suarez.

Amazing! Hope it works!

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More great online games to play

The FlashyOnlineGames.com site, which was first launched in July last year, has recently been updated and expanded to include even more Flash online games and desktop wallpaper backgrounds. Take a look at these sections to see for yourself how many brilliant new games there now are in the site:

Super Mario Bros Games
(including Super Smash Bros. Flash)

Sonic the Hedgehog Games
(including Sonic the Hedgehog: Super Sonic Pinball)

Arcade Classic Games
(including Asteroids)

Disney Games
(including Bolt: Run Bolt, Run)

Pixar Games
(including Toy Story: Operation Alien Rescue)

DreamWorks Games
(including Shrek: Shrek Shreds)

Cartoon Network Games
(including Tom and Jerry: Tom’s Trap’o’Matic)

Nickelodeon Games
(including Power Rangers: Red Hot Rescue)

Don’t forget to keep visiting the site regularly, as new games are being added every day!

(See also here)

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Disney and Pixar film clips and other videos

I’ve been putting lots of lovely Disney and Pixar videos, mostly for movies being released this year, into my YouTube account recently. They’re all collected together into playlists to make it easier for you to watch groups of related ones:

Pixar Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University videos

Pixar Toy Story 1, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 videos

Disney Planes, and Pixar Cars 1 and Cars 2 videos

Disney Wreck-It Ralph videos

Disney Tangled videos

Despicable Me 1 and 2 videos

Over here in Thailand most movies tend to get released a little later than they do in the USA and England, which can be a bit annoying sometimes. Why can’t the big movie studios release their films at the same time all over the world? That would make everyone a lot happier, and would also help cut down on video piracy as well I should think.

Anyway, you can play hundreds of great free Disney and Pixar online games at this cool site:

Dan-Dare.org’s Disney and Pixar games site

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