YouTube computer generated cartoons

I found a really good YouTube channel earlier which has got some awesome computer animated cartoons: CGcartoons4u.

Three of the cartoons in the channel are from the Blender Foundation (the Dutch 3D Open Movie Project), and they are really, really good – well worth checking out yourself if you’re a fan of CG cartoons:

Elephants Dream (a.k.a. the Orange Open Movie Project, 2006, full cartoon)

Big Buck Bunny (a.k.a. the Peach Open Movie Project, 2008, full cartoon)

Sintel (a.k.a. the Durian Open Movie Project, 2010, full cartoon)


About Peter Inns

I'm from England and I worked in IT for UK blue chip corporations for around 20 years. Currently I live in Thailand where I still do some IT work and additionally some English teaching. I'm married to Su and we have one son and one daughter.
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