Toy Story 3 online games and wallpaper

Pixar’s latest film, "Toy Story 3", was released in the US and Canada yesterday, and to celebrate this occasion here are 16 different official Toy Story Flash online games for you to play for free:

  Buzz Lightyear: Operation Alien Rescue

  Toy Story: Bowl-o-Rama

  Buzz Lightyear: Space Ranger Training

  Buzz Lightyear: Space Ranger Training 2

  Buzz Lightyear: Target Practice

  Buzz Lightyear: Galactic Shootout

  Toy Story: Woody to the Rescue

  Toy Story: Woody’s Big Escape

  Toy Story: Catch That Moving Van

  Buzz Lightyear: Flight for Distance

  Toy Story: 2-in-1 Shooting

  Toy Story: Jigsaw Puzzles

  Toy Story: Memory Match-Up

  Toy Story: Woody’s Rodeo

  Toy Story Lego: The Claw

  Toy Story: Etch-A-Sketch

And there’s more….. 16 different Toy Story 3 desktop background wallpaper pictures are also included with the games, and you can find everything, together with over 100 more awesome Disney and Pixar games, at my Free Disney and Pixar Online Games site. A special page displaying all 16 of the Toy Story 3 wallpapers can also be found here: Toy Story 3 Wallpaper Collection

Finally, you can watch my large collection of official Toy Story 3 movie trailers, film clips and featurettes in my YouTube channel here: Toy Story 3 video playlist

(See also here and here)


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I'm from England and I worked in IT for UK blue chip corporations for around 20 years. Currently I live in Thailand where I still do some IT work and additionally some English teaching. I'm married to Su and we have one son and one daughter.
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