The Matrix online games and wallpaper

The other day when I bought the first 10 seasons of South Park plus the South Park movie on DVD (see my post about that here), I also bought The Matrix trilogy of movies on DVD because I didn’t previously have them.

I really like the first Matrix movie from 1999, and the second one, "The Matrix Reloaded" from 2003, is absolutely brilliant. The final part of the trilogy, "The Matrix Revolutions" also from 2003, is not so good in my opinion, but it does provide an interesting end to the story arc.

For some reason I had never watched all three of the films "back-to-back" before, and it was much more fun doing that than watching them separately, highly recommended in fact. I’m going to try and get hold of the DVD of "The Animatrix" cartoon mini-series next, as that’s also supposed to be quite good.

Here are three great free Matrix online games for you to play (which also include Matrix wallpaper backgrounds too):

  The Matrix: Rampage

  The Matrix: Dock Defense

  The Matrix: BulletTime Fighting

You can find these Matrix games, plus hundreds more great games, in the Free Movie, Cartoon and TV Online Games Website. Enjoy! 🙂

(See also here)

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I'm from England and I worked in IT for UK blue chip corporations for around 20 years. Currently I live in Thailand where I still do some IT work and additionally some English teaching.
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