South Park online games and wallpaper

I really like South Park, it has consistently been one of the funniest adult TV shows since its first airing way back in 1997 in my opinion. The 14th season begins in March, and it is amazing to me that it has kept going so long considering how extremely rude, crude and often downright offensive (but always really funny) it is. I’m glad it has lasted this long.

I feel very lucky because today I bought the first 10 seasons of South Park on DVD, plus the 1999 "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" movie, all for the bargain price of $100! Although I watched the show a lot when I lived full-time in England, since I’ve lived here in Thailand I have hardly ever been able to watch it (it’s not very well known here), so I’m really looking forward to going through each season in full as soon as possible.

Here are some great free South Park online games for you to play (which also include some South Park wallpaper backgrounds too):

  South Park: Kill Kenny

  South Park: Cripple Fight

  South Park Soundboard

And here is a game inspired by the cartoon violence of South Park:

  Skull Kid

You can find these games, together with hundreds more, in the Free Movie, Cartoon and TV Online Games Website. Enjoy! 🙂

(See also here)


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I'm from England and I worked in IT for UK blue chip corporations for around 20 years. Currently I live in Thailand where I still do some IT work and additionally some English teaching. I'm married to Su and we have one son and one daughter.
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