James Cameron’s Avatar is now the number 1 movie of all time!

As of 2 days ago, James Cameron’s science-fiction technological masterpiece "Avatar" is now the worldwide number 1 movie of all time in terms of box-office revenue having so far taken $1.897 billion, beating the previous number 1 which was James Cameron’s "Titanic" from 1997 with a total of $1.843 billion. It is widely expected that Avatar will go on to break through the $2 billion mark because it is still showing in cinemas all over the world.

I am so happy to see it do so well because it is my favourite movie of all time (I saw it twice in IMAX 3D in Bangkok earlier this month, my best cinema-going experience ever – see my post about that here), and as a lifelong science-fiction fan I love it that a sci-fi movie has become the most popular movie in the world ever.

I have added some lovely Avatar background wallpapers to my main website for you to use if you wish because I am an avid collector of such things myself, and one of them is a beautiful giant size one which you can see here.

And just in case you missed them before, or want to watch them again, here are the two main Avatar movie trailers plus the video game trailer, viewable in my main YouTube channel:

Avatar Teaser Trailer

Avatar Full Movie Trailer

Avatar Video Game Trailer

(See also here)


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I'm from England and I worked in IT for UK blue chip corporations for around 20 years. Currently I live in Thailand where I still do some IT work and additionally some English teaching. I'm married to Su and we have one son and one daughter.
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